Your descriptor defines your character — it flavors everything you do. The differences between a Charming glaive and a Graceful glaive are considerable. The descriptor changes the way those characters go about every action. Your descriptor places your character in the situation (the first adventure, which starts the campaign) and helps provide motivation. It is the adjective of the sentence “I am an adjective noun who verbs.”

Choose one of them for your character. You can pick any descriptor you wish regardless of whether you’re a glaive, nano, or jack.

These location-based descriptors are provided as an option for characters who are firmly connected to their homeland (or to another place that strongly calls to them for some other reason). Sometimes these connections are to the land itself, other times to the political sensibilities of a place, and still other times to the cultural norms in which a character was raised.

The Steadfast

The Beyond

Racial Descriptors

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