Seekers are explorers. When someone travels to an ancient ruin to recover a cache of numenera devices, that someone is very often a Seeker. In a world where most people spend their lives in a village not knowing what lies beyond the nearby hill or on the other side of the river, Seekers travel, explore, and discover. They’re a rare breed in the Ninth World, but without them the rest of the people would be far worse off. Someone needs to brave the wilderness, the mysteries of the past, and the general unknown (something the Ninth World has in abundance). They aren’t afraid of the weird or incomprehensible — they drive right into it.

Seekers need to be at least a little skilled at a lot of things. They need Might and Speed to deal with the challenges they face, but they need Intellect to help them figure out what they’ve discovered and if it’s worth bringing back to civilization.

While they’re interested in protecting themselves against the dangers inherent in the numenera as much as possible, most Seekers find heavy armor too restricting to be useful on their missions. Moving freely in risky situations — to climb up a wall, walk along a narrow ledge, or crawl through a narrow tunnel — is part of what every Seeker expects to do on a routine basis.

Seekers in Society

Seeker Stat Pools

Stat Pool Starting Value
Might 9
Speed 10
Intellect 9

You get 6 additional points to divide among your stat Pools however you wish.


Not everyone that explores the wilderness or ancient sites is a Seeker — Seekers are special individuals with unique training and abilities. Something in your background has put you in this position, and is at least partially responsible for your talents. Choose one of the three options described below as the source of your skills, knowledge, reflexes, and stamina (or create your own). It will provide the foundation of your background and give you an idea of how you can improve. The GM can use this information to develop adventures and quests that are specific to your character and play a role in your advancement.


When you were younger, you had a strange experience that you have not been able to fully understand. Somehow you found yourself in a mysterious location surrounded by the numenera and the trappings of some prior world. You no longer remember everything that happened, but you were bathed with strange energies. Were there other creatures there as well? It’s unclear. Somehow, you escaped and wound up once again in familiar surroundings. You’d like to find that place again and get some answers, but in the meantime there’s no denying that the experience changed you in some ways, both physically and psychologically. You don’t fear such places anymore — you look for them. Such places hold secrets, and that’s what you’re after now.

Advancement: New, strange locations with new, mysterious technologies offer you ways to improve yourself. This means that as you progress, you need to go into priorworld ruins and places of weirdness to find new injections, energies, concoctions, and devices to improve your abilities and stats. In this way, exploration is as much about you as about anything else you might be looking for.


Thanks to one of your ancestors, you have a stamina (both physically and psychologically) that most people can’t imagine. The things that would make most people weak, sick, or outright dead don’t affect you (or at least don’t affect you as strongly). Terrors no one would ever face are things you will confront head-on. You have your inherent nature to thank for that. It is effectively a mutation, due to something that happened to one of your forebears. Perhaps they were an explorer and wandered somewhere they should not have. They survived, however, and it created traits that have passed down to you. (Do your siblings or other relatives have some or all of the same traits or is it a mutation that shows up more randomly? You’ve wondered this in the past — perhaps you’ll find the answer one day.)

Advancement: Your abilities are locked within you; you need only learn how to release them. The only way this has worked in the past has been to push yourself to your very limits, seeking greater challenges, new places, and more numenera. These things all make you stronger.


You were born different. Growing up, your elders tried to instill within you a good, healthy fear of the wilderness, the unknown, and in particular places of ancient power. But none of that made sense to you. You didn’t fear those things. You craved them. It’s not that you have a death wish; it’s that you know that for all the risks, there are great rewards. Something  — some little voice deep inside you — assures you that if you look hard enough, delve deep enough, and explore far enough, you’ll find the power to make your dreams come true, the secret to everlasting life, or even greater treasures.

Advancement: For the most part, to advance you just keep going. At some point, however, you might try to explore inward a bit. Is that little voice just your own nature, or is it something originating from outside? Perhaps you can seek the means to find out for certain.

Choose or roll on the Seeker Connection table.

Seeker Tiers

Seeker Example

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