Descriptor - Insolent


Why should you have to put up with others’ shortcomings? In your opinion, most people are idiots, your friends excluded. If you're being completely honest, compared to your versatility and obvious superiority, most people are misguided, thick- headed, and a waste of space. If someone wants your attention, you usually make them prove themselves first. That doesn't win you many new friends. But it’s funny to see them fume.

You gain the following characteristics:

Flip: +2 to your Speed Pool.

Goad: If a creature within short range has not yet attacked you, you can use your action to goad it so that it does attack you. It’s so angry at your impertinence that the difficulty of its first attack is increased by one step.

Skill: You’re not afraid of anything, nor do you put up with others’ mental games. You are trained in Intellect defense tasks.

Inability: The difficulty of all tasks relating to social interaction is increased by one step.

Additional Equipment: Thanks to your insolent behavior, you have an additional oddity, given to you by someone who, having reached the breaking point over your impudence, offered you the object if you would just go away.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You browbeat one of the other PCs until they told you what they were up to.
  2. From afar, you observed that something interesting was going on and invited yourself along.
  3. Someone took violent exception to your insolence, but the PCs saved you.
  4. You told your friend that nothing could impress you because you'd seen it all before. They brought you to your current point to prove you wrong.

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Descriptor - Insolent

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