Descriptor - Lonely


There are many possible reasons why you’re lonely. Maybe you’re on the run from justice (or injustice), and it’s not safe to show your face. Maybe your friends are missing, or dead. Or maybe you’re just really bad with people, and whenever you try to make friends, you inadvertently rebuff them. But for good or for ill, you’re getting used to being alone.

You have the following characteristics:

Self-Reliant: +2 to your Might Pool.

Skills: You have to fill the time you’re alone with something. You are trained in four noncombat skills of your choice.

Side Track: While talking, you annoy and distract another creature, even if the creature can’t understand you. For as long as you do nothing but speak (you can’t even move), the other creature takes no actions other than to defend itself, even over multiple rounds. If the creature is attacked, the effect ends. You can do this one time, although the ability is renewed each time you make a recovery roll.

Inability: Willpower is not one of your strong points. Whenever you try to resist a mental attack, the difficulty is increased by one step.

Inability: You’re not the outdoorsy type. The difficulty of all climbing, running, jumping, and swimming tasks is increased by one step.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You were so lonely, you jumped at the first offer a PC made you.
  2. Coming along was better than staying by yourself.
  3. Joining the PCs gives you an opportunity to escape justice for a crime you committed.
  4. You didn't want to come, but you needed the money.

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Descriptor - Lonely

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