Descriptor - Rebellious


You don’t trust authority. That goes double for authority that has proven itself to be cruel, conniving, and working against the interests of those held in its sway. But you find examples of corrupt authority all around you, not just at the highest levels of governance. It seems like a truism that in any collection of people, some subset seeks power not for everyone else's benefit, but merely for themselves. You’re the cure to their control.

You gain the following characteristics:

Tough: +2 to your Might Pool.

Headstrong: The GM can introduce a GM intrusion on you (as if you had rolled a 1 on a d20), without awarding you any XP, based on your always-charging-ahead nature. However, if this happens, 50% of the time, your headstrong nature works to your advantage. Rather than hurting you, it helps, or it hurts your enemies. For example, you might discover you’re charging many more enemies than you realized, but they are intimidated by your “conviction” and run. You and the GM should work together to determine the details. The GM can also use GM intrusions based on your headstrong nature normally (awarding XP) if she desires.

Skill: You’re defiant. You are trained in Intellect defense rolls.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. The PCs’ mission was the kind of rebellious action you believe in, so you joined them.
  2. You recruited the team to help deal with something you couldn't manage on your own.
  3. You think you can convince the PCs to join your cause if you help them with their goals for a while.
  4. You’re an escaped rebel fleeing an authority you undermined. The PCs can help keep you safe.

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Descriptor - Rebellious

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