Descriptor - Ultraterrestrial


You’re from another dimension, one radically different than the one where you find yourself now. Three dimensions of space and one of time took you a while to adapt to, but you’ve almost figured out what it means to be a “solid, living creature” in a place where time moves only in one direction. In fact, you’ve taken a shape that conforms with those who call themselves “humans” on this plane. You see the benefits of causality, but you miss your own dimension, where cosmic rules and reality were more flexible.

You gain the following characteristics:

Versatile: You get 4 additional points to divide among your stat Pools.

Skill: You are trained in tasks related to knowing about alternate dimensions.

Noncausal: When you roll a die on a task and get a result you don’t like, you can insert yourself a few seconds back in your own timeline and reroll and choose the result you like best. However, when you take advantage of this ability, reality rebounds and you are dazed, increasing the difficulty of all your tasks by one step on your next turn.

Inability: Despite all your practice, this new reality you find yourself living in is still a bit of a shock. The difficulty of your Intellect defense tasks is increased by one step.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. When you fell out of the dimensional anomaly, the PCs helped you adjust.
  2. You came to this dimension to explore, and the PCs were looking for someone to fill out their company.
  3. The PCs released you from the lab of a Nano who had been studying you.
  4. The other PCs were caught in a dimensional anomaly, and you helped them escape back to their home plane, even though that meant you had to go with them.

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Descriptor - Ultraterrestrial

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