“Glint” is a term used in the Ninth World to describe anyone who’s good with people. This might be a positive thing: a diplomat, salesperson, performer, or charmer. Or it could carry a somewhat more negative connotation: a con artist, swindler, or charlatan. Glints, then, are people who focus on interaction. They’re negotiators, information gatherers, and spokespeople. Glints aren’t just pretty faces or smooth talkers, however. They’re really something special, with capabilities that extend far beyond an ease with interpersonal interaction.

Glints focus primarily on Intellect — particularly the aspect of Intellect that is a measure of charm and charisma. They also often have a decent Speed Pool, useful for when their words go wrong or just aren’t enough. They rarely wear heavy armor or carry large weapons. Most of the time, they avoid combat if they can, or stay to the edges of a fight, helping allies with their abilities and observations rather than diving into the melee.

Glints in Society

Glint Stat Pools

Stat Pool Starting Value
Might 8
Speed 9
Intellect 11

You get 6 additional points to divide among your stat Pools however you wish.

Glint Background

When you’re a Glint, you’re more than just someone with “people skills.” You wield the ability to change minds, and thus societies — and even shift the tide of history. Something in your background explains these unique talents, whether it is genetics, enhancements, training, or something else. Choose one of those three options described below as the source of your skills, knowledge, and abilities (or create your own). This choice will provide the foundation of your background and give you an idea of how you can improve. The game master (GM) can use this information to develop adventures and quests that are specific to your character and play a role in your advancement.


You were born this way. Everyone always took to you. You always seemed to know the right thing to say. It all came naturally. Your voice was pleasant, your eyes shining and honest, your face attractive. These qualities have always been strong enough that you could rely on them. While others learned a craft, or learned to fight, steal, or tinker with the numenera, you found that you could usually get what you needed, and what you wanted, by talking to people. It wasn’t necessarily a con — you liked talking as well as listening, and did that better than anyone else.

Now, all this might just come from a heritage of quality forebears, but it could come from something more. A silver tongued Glint like yourself might have inherited those qualities from your family or you might even benefit from some subtle mutations that alter your voice and mannerisms to be perfect for influencing others. You don’t really know. You just know that you’ve always been this way, and that while you look just like everyone else, you’re different. Of course, no one ever need know that but you.

Advancement: Just as you don’t know the ultimate source behind your talents, you don’t know their limits, either. You have to continually test them and push yourself into trying new things. You might need to share your secrets with someone knowledgeable one day so that they can help you. Perhaps you’ll even discover the source of your abilities. Regardless, when your stats improve and you gain new abilities, it’s because you’ve taken the gifts you were born with and pushed them to the
next level.


Not everything is as it seems. You have numenera components — cybernetic implants or biomechanical modifications that have an intelligence all their own. These  components help you determine the right thing to say. They analyze the expressions, gestures, and words of everyone you talk to and provide insights into their mood, reactions, honesty, and vulnerabilities. This all comes to you as second nature — these things are a part of you and have been for quite some time. You are as much a product of the numenera as you are of nature.

Advancement: Your artificial parts need to be continually maintained and — ideally — upgraded. Perhaps this is the kind of thing you’ll learn to do yourself. Potential spare parts and new components are everywhere in the Ninth World for those who know what they’re looking for. But you might not be able to do it all on your own. Chiurgeons, specialists, and mechanical experts might be required. Maybe even the Aeon Priests or the Convergence can help. At some point, you might find yourself in need of veryspecific, very rare parts to complete your enhancements. Such components mightbe found only in particular ruins of the prior worlds, or perhaps they’re available elsewhere for a high price. Either way, getting them won’t be easy.

When you improve your skills and abilities, it’s because you’ve altered your enhancements in some way. Some of them may even produce a more overt effect, modulating your voice and further honing your appearance.


You showed plenty of aptitude on your own, but you really began to shine when a mentor took notice of you. Your mentor taught you how to speak and how to listen. From your mentor, you learned how to “read” people to ascertain their moods, distinguish their truths from their lies, and learn what they need and what they need to hear. Your mentor frequently took you out to practice your skills in public. You became more than pupil and instructor — you became friends.

Advancement: Future consultations with your mentor are likely necessary in order for you to advance further, or perhaps one day gain the attention of an even more skilled teacher. Of course, eventually the student must become the master, and you
will develop some of your greatest skills and abilities on your own. Perhaps when the time comes, you should consider taking on a pupil of your own, not only to pay back what’s been given to you, but because through teaching comes discovery.

Choose or roll on the Glint Connection table.

Glint Tiers

Glint Example

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